SCHEDULE: Every non-holiday weekday 8:00 AM
LOCATION: County Park, Glen Rock; or Garden State
Plaza, Paramus

  The walking group of the Activities Club is one of the most active ensembles of walkers in Bergen County, according to the Bergen Record, where we were featured in an article in the summer of 2006. We engage in this activity 260 days a year. Monday to Friday, you will find us embarking for our jaunt in the first parking lot at the County Park in Glen Rock or near the southeast entrance to the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, near the McDonald’s restaurant.

   The location is determined by weather conditions, and we depart at 8 AM. Some of the members of this group use this opportunity to participate strictly for the level of exercise sustained. Others walk at a moderate pace. There is inevitably someone in attendance who will walk at your pace. Walking is often as much a social event as it is a component of a daily exercise regimen. A couple of our members actually used this opportunity to assist them in achieving important reductions in body weight.

One who has been sedentary for a period of time and attempts to build endurance by gradually increasing his speed and distance will find the task easier if he has someone to talk to during the walk. The walk becomes less tedious as the passage of time accelerates when you are conversing.

  Nevertheless, the path in the County Park that leads us to Paramus and south to Fair Lawn is always a wonderful experience. We cross walking bridges and pass a waterfall. It is not unusual to see deer in open meadows. There are dozens of geese, ducks, and other birds. Bergen County works actively to keeps our journey free of debris and safe from falling timber.

While the Garden State Plaza does not have the same scenic atmosphere, the management of the mall provides preferred parking passes. They encourage us to use their facilities before shopping commences. Many of us stop for coffee at McDonald's as a reward for our efforts to exercise after completing our walks. There is an equivalent coffee source near the park.

  Participating in our walking group is a one of the best ways to learn more about the Activities Club, its members, and your opportunities to pursue hobbies and other endeavors that can be interesting and personally satisfying. Meet us at Garden State Plaza when the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or when there is precipitation or at the County Park.