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November 16,2021
Steve Trynosky is a US Army vet of the Viet Nam era and a lieutenant in the NY State Guard before moving to New Jersey in 1977. As a collector of weapons and accoutrements of the two World Wars since the age of 16, Steve became fascinated with WWI since its 50th anniversary in 1964. He has visited the battlefields of France twice (in 1971 and 2018) and brings some great experiences with him. With his zeal for the subject, he is sure to give us a remarkably interesting presentation at our General Meeting on November 16th.

February 17,2020
Rebecca (Becky) Greene was a seasoned writer, reporter and editor in Bergen County for 25 years. She worked for the North Jersey Media Group covering government, education, zoning and planning issues and has received several awards for her writing from the New Jersey Press Association and Garden State Journalists.

That was then; this is now: Along with Gail Gordon, a corporate lawyer, Becky launched TAPinto Fair Lawn/Glen Rock, offering hyperlocal coverage in municipal government, education and happenings around town, in 2018. Becky is also on the Board of Directors of the Glen Rock Chamber of Commerce, and she will give us an update on Chamber of Commerce activities. Our Fair Lawn members need not hesitate to bring up their local concerns during the Q&A period, because Becky has a long history of civic engagement in that great town. In short, there’s nothing about Northern New Jersey, especially Fair Lawn and Glen Rock, that Becky Greene cannot weigh in on.

March 19, 2019
Our guest speaker for the General Meeting on March 19th is CPA and Glen Rock resident Howard Bookbinder.  He will discuss many of the scams of which we seniors are targets and must be aware of, such as IRS scams, grandma scams, and many others; and what to do when you find yourself at the bullseye.Howard’s CPA practice is in Fair Lawn. He is a past president of the Bergen Chapter of the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants and a former instructor of accounting and taxation at Rutgers University. Howard has addressed many professional, civic and community groups in New Jersey and New York. Some will remember that, back in the 1980s, Howard was the first Glen Rock councilman from the Democratic Party in 60 years. How times have changed! So have the ways in which seniors can be victimized. Let Howard bring you up to date on self-protection. And if you feel like a victim of the 2017 “middle-class tax cut,” Howard can address that, too.

February 19, 2019
In addition to its normal business meeting, the Club will host Peggy Norris and Joseph Suplicki giving thier presentation on Camp Merritt, a WWI Army base on the site of what is now Cresskill and Dumont, through which one million men passed to fight on the western front. Who knew that a major outpost of WWI lay so close to us? It’s an interesting piece of local history that we owe it to ourselves to bone up on. Thankfully, Joe and Peggy, who serve together as historians for the Village of Ridgewood, will be here to help us do it entertainingly.

October 16, 2018
Our next speaker, John Fox, was asked to continue the Club’s tradition of bringing educational and uplifting topics to our general meetings. Instead, John will talk about the wonders of hot dogs. Whether or not you relish this topic, you will come away feeling entertained, informed and hungry for more. Not to be confused with Joey Chestnut, who first went on his hot-dog-eating roll in Coney Island, New York, John explores the plentiful supply that exists throughout northern New Jersey. John has been featured in a terrific article in The Record, where you can also find a video of a hot dog crawl:
Or you can wait until the meeting to catch up with him. Members who have participated in our own hot dog crawl may learn of new places to try. For those who have special knowledge of this cuisine, bring your questions and comments to John. The meeting, which takes place in Fellowship Hall at the Glen Rock Community Church, starts at 1:00 PM on Tuesday October 16th with coffee and cookies, followed by our speaker at 1:30 PM.

January 16, 2018
Our speaker will be Pat Schuber. Pat is currently an Assistant Professor of Leadership and Law Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University. A graduate of Fordham University and Fordham University School of Law, Pat served as Mayor of Bogota, member of the General Assembly, and three terms as Bergen County Executive. Pat’s topic will be Pearl Harbor. December 7th marks the 76th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, the “…day that will live in infamy.” Everyone alive at the time will always remember where they were when news of the attack was announced on the radio. Pat’s lecture willdiscuss the course of events which set in motion this confrontation between the United States and Japan which caused the US to enter WWII. The world would never be the same. The lecture willcover the personalities, planning and execution, and aftermath of the attack with emphasis on the actions of the brave sailors, airmen and soldiers of the US Armed Forces stationed at Pearl Harbor that day.

October 17, 2017
Our Monthly General Meeting speaker on October 17th will be Jim Purcell, president of the Bergen County Historical Society. He will talk about Historic New Bridge Landing, the British Invasion of Bergen County and the retreat of Washington's army from Fort Lee through Hackensack. Who knew that Bergen County was such a Revolutionary War prize? Jim will tell us all about it in his own thrilling way. After Jim we will hear about a new electric supply arrangement that the Glen Rock Town Council will soon vote up or down. Be there at 1:00 PM for schmoozing followed by Jim and his tales of the battle for Bergen County and then the possible future of electric utility access by Glen Rock.