Coins and Other Collectibles

SCHEDULE: 1st Thursdays at 1:30 PM
LOCATION: Church Ed Building
EMAIL SUBJECT: Coins/Collectibles

The Coin/Collectibles Group was created for those members of our Club who enjoy learning about or owning these miniature pieces of art which have been around since their invention as currency, generally thought to be about 750 BC. Coins are collected for a variety of reasons but most often for their individual appeal based on factors such as history, society, beauty, rarity and, of course, value. Our group provides topical information monthly that may also be of interest to the Activities Club membership at large, such as coins for investment purposes. In addition to coin collecting the group may also discuss paper currency, bullion and other precious metals; as well as stamps and any other collectibles in which a member is interested.

Our group seeks the participation of any member who has been involved in collecting, or has no collecting knowledge at all but has the desire to learn more about our nation's most popular collecting hobbies. It is estimated that about half of all Americans have collected coins or stamps at some point in their lives, and many others have collected ...something. What's your collecting obsession? Join us to show and/or tell about it.