Classic Movies

CHAIRMAN: Stan Cohen
SCHEDULE: 3rd Fridays 1:30 PM
TELEPHONE: (201) 652-6514
LOCATION:Stan's Home

Classic Movies Group is dedicated to offering timeless classic films, as well as less-ancient blockbusters and films with deeper meaning that may have escaped the notice of the masses. These reels often provide opportunity to view favorite directors and performers in action again. We have included Flynn, Fonda, Peck, as well as early films of Connery, Redford, and Caine. We have included films of rousing adventure such as Captain Blood and Rob Roy; spy stories (The Ipcress File and the musical tale of Darling Lili). Comedies such as The Lady Eve, Ball of Fire, and Born Yesterday have recalled the comedic talents of Judy Holliday and Barbara Stanwyck. Attendees are encouraged to suggest future selections. Refreshments are provided during each film. Join us for laughter, adventure, or a puzzling mystery! The welcome mat is out to attend on the third Friday.